Achieving and Maintaining Erections

The Facts about Achieving and Maintaining Erections

You are not alone

10% of men experience problems achieving or maintaining an erection.


Erection problems can have either medical or psychological causes (or both!)

Medical or Psychological

If you can obtain an erection at any other time, for example, on awakening in the morning or during masturbation, then the problem is probably psychological.

There are Three Common Difficulties to Achieving and Maintaining Erections
  • Avoiding sex ‘just in case’ your penis will not perform
  • Feeling embarrassed, angry, inadequate and frustrated
  • Trying to force yourself to ‘get it up’
Common Obstacles to Achieving and Maintaining Erections

The following list includes the most common obstacles to achieving and maintaining erections:

  1. Anxious about your relationship
  2. Shame about not performing
  3. Fears about being too old to have enjoyable sex
  4. Not feeling like a ‘real’ man
  5. Your partner is critical and fed up
  6. Wanting it to just go away and procrastinating
  7. No time/too busy to do anything about it
  8. Fear of injections
  9. Embarrassment about and reluctance to masturbate
  10. Stress/illness/unhealthy lifestyle

Your Step-by-Step Program to Achieving and Maintaining Erections


Communicate to your partner about sex

No avoidance
Don’t avoid sex
  • Have sex without penetration
  • Explore each other’s bodies and have fun
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce alcohol and increased exercise
  • Learn the ‘stop/start’ technique
Read a self-help book
  • Real men do read! Don’t leave it up to your partner
  • Learn to relax
  • Deep breathe
  • Use positive self-talk and focus on feeling good
  • Ask your partner’s assistance in getting you aroused and keeping you aroused
  • For example, let her know that men are typically visual – perhaps she can ‘dress up’ to arouse your interest

© Dr Janet Hall

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