Elite Professionals

Elite Professionals Deserve Dr Jan’s Personal Program

Do YOU need absolute confidentiality and immediate personal service?

Some Elite Professionals need a level of care and privacy that is personal, immediate and guarantees absolute confidentiality.

Athletes, CEOs and celebrities are appreciative of the flexibility that comes with Dr Jan’s Personal Attention.

The Elite Professionals Service is designed to give you the ultimate in privacy and access.
I make myself available to you with little or no notice, as you need me.
That means that instead of having to wait weeks for an appointment, I come in early or stay late so you have same day access.

I also see my Elite Professional clients on Fridays, weekends, and holidays when needed.
And yes, I make house calls. I will come to your home or office to meet with you if that is what you prefer.

In addition to the benefits of flexibility, availability, and access, Dr Jan is a wise woman who you can trust. (If the therapist has no history working with celebrity and Elite clients, you may not receive the care you deserve and need.)

Certain life issues require immediate attention. For individuals and couples in crisis, the Elite Professional Service can be life- and relationship-saving.

Issues relating to infidelity, problems with out of control behavior, “sex addiction,” abusive situations, domestic violence, drugs and other high risk situations require immediate intervention.

Every client situation is unique. If you need, please contact me directly by e-mail so I can learn more about what you need. My e-mail address is jan@drjanethall.com.au

I am the only person who has access to my e-mail, so your messages are completely confidential.