Dr. Janet Hall

Dr Janet Hall is currently registered as a Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist and Counsellor.

Dr Jan is also an author, professional speaker, trainer, and media consultant.

Jan’s particular interests are in hypnotherapy, goal-setting, relationship counsellingsex therapy, managing fears, stress and phobias and family/child relationships.

Jan consults regularly with print media and is a frequent guest on television and radio offering user-friendly strategies and practical solutions to sexual and relationship issues.

Jan’s approach encourages clients to clarify their situation and solve their own problems in a supportive environment using both heart and head.

Please note:
In 2019 when Covid arrived and she turned 70, Dr Jan retired as a Clinical Psychologist after 40 years.

Therefore she is no longer able to offer Medicare rebates.

Thus her clients do not need to be referred by a GP and will find that the fee is very manageable.

Dr Janet Hall, Success Coach, inspires people to have the heart ‘to go for it’ and the discipline ‘to make it’.

A professional speaker, retired Clinical Psychologist (40 years experience) and hypnotherapist, Jan is the author of eight books, including  Sex Wise Teens and Sex Life Solutions. Dr Jan created and produced the “Sensational Sex” audio-series – nineteen audios on sexual issues ranging from sex therapy with hypnosis, to sexual fantasies and strategies for “sparking up” your sex-life.

Dr Jan is regularly asked to comment on current issues for newsprint, television and radio. She has appeared on most major television programs including “A Current Affair”, “Sex-Life” and “The Glasshouse”.

Jan directs the Richmond Hill Psychology in Richmond, Melbourne which provides success coaching to individuals, families and businesses.

Speaking Engagements

Jan featured regularly on the television program Sex Life as their female sex therapist/adviser. Her Sensational Sex series CDs frankly and informatively discuss sexual issues ranging from sex therapy using hypnosis, to advice on creating and sharing sexual fantasies, and strategies for sparking up your sex life. She is consistently in demand from the media for comment on a variety of current issues.

Jan specialises in topics that are ‘hot’: SUCCESS, STRESS AND SEX. She shows that motivated people who manage their stress and minimise conflicts in their relationships at work and home, achieve results… faster!

An accredited member of the National Speaker’s Association of Australia, Jan is a dynamic presenter. An ‘Infotainer’, Jan gives user-friendly information in a down-to-earth and humorous package. Her presentations encourage enthusiastic participation by her audience.

Participants remember both the fun and the data and are compelled to proceed with constructive action in applying their new knowledge to achieve ‘results that sizzle’.

Courses and Workshops from Dr Janet Hall

Helping Others Solve Their Sex-life Concerns

A basic sex therapy counselling course for professionals (psychologists, social workers, doctors and others) who work with singles or couples with supervision groups or telephone supervision/consultation.

Achieving Orgasms for Women

A five session program for women who want to achieve orgasms

Solving Sex Addiction Dilemmas

A small group program for people who own that their sex drive and behaviours is causing them problems in their life.

Healing the Hurt

A small group program for survivors of sexual abuse.

You can find more information on Dr Janet Hall at her website: www.drjanethall.com.au

Her books and CDs on child behaviour issues are available on: www.bedwetting.com.au