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As therapists we often have clients come into our practice with sexual issues, but unfortunately many therapists do not have the specific training to deal with these presentations. Read more..

Sex Therapy

Come and see our consultants for expert therapy for problems with sex, relationship issues and addictions.

Dr Janet Hall has a certified team of dedicated professionals with many years of specialization in sex therapy.

If you or a loved one can benefit from sex therapy please contact Dr Janet Hall’s Clinic today.
We can assist you to have a healthy sexual relationship with yourself and/or partner.

Media Appearances

Dr Jan delivers an important message to people over 60 who are back on the dating circuit.

Segment from SBS’s Insight episode about Dating After 60

Past Events

Dr Janet Hall spoke at the Women’s Health & Fitness Summit in Melbourne in October 2017. Her topic was “Understanding and Facilitating The Elusive Orgasm”.



Dr Janet Hall was the media voice of Sexpo Melbourne 2016, and appeared with Pam Hall on Channel 7’s Morning Show.

Sex and Career

How to Have a Career & Still Enjoy Sensational Sex


Couples Sex Therapy

Do YOU want more sex than your partner?
Does your man/woman NOT meet your sexual needs? Is he/she boring? Disinterested? Too tired? Too busy?
Distracted by sport or the TV? Distracted by work or the children?
Do you fight about sex?
Are you shocked by discovering one of you had an affair? IN crisis?

Different Sex Drive Spark Up Your Sex Life

Sex Therapy for Men

Do you avoid sex because you fear failure or embarrassment?
Does your erection disappear before or during sex?
Do you have troubles with premature ejaculalation or delayed/inability to ejaculate?
Do you have problems with libido/interest in sex?

Premature Ejaculation Erection Problems

Sex Therapy for Women

Do you want to orgasm?
Do you suffer painful sex and want to have pleasurable sex?
Do you have problems with libido/interest in sex?

Painful Sex Achieving Fabulous Orgasms

Sexual Compulsion / Addiction

Do you have a problem with compulsive masturbation, pornography addiction, visiting prostitutes, escorts and massage parlours?
Do you worry about a tendency to Exhibitionism or Voyeurism?
Have important people in your life suffered hurt because of your sexual behaviours?

Pornography Addiction

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Dr Janet Hall has featured on media which include:

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