Our Commitment

The People-Problems Solutions Centre

Richmond Hill Psychology’s Mission is to help people understand, manage and prevent problems with themselves and their relationships so that they, and we, are continually growing, positive and self-fulfilled.

We’d like to acknowledge you for your commitment to yourself. You are one of a unique group of individuals who recognises the importance of taking time to address personal issues to result in better problem management and enhancement of life.

We want to help you accelerate your process – to make it a powerful time of emotional healing, insightful understanding, directionalised problem-solving and clarity on future goals and positive forward planning. We cannot guarantee your outcome because so much depends on you and how you follow through on our discussions in your real-life world. What we can guarantee is our commitment to support you completely and wholeheartedly by following our Code of Commitment.

Code of Commitment


You are ensured complete confidentiality. The only exception is where legislation requires us to disclose information in certain circumstances such as child abuse, or where disclosure may prevent physical harm to a person.


We are committed to respect your time. Our sessions are usually one hour in duration and we do our best to keep to time. Please give us 48 hours notice should you need to change or cancel an appointment. A fee may be charged otherwise.

Positive Direction

We are committed to being good listeners and believe you need to tell us as much as possible about your past and current concerns. Richmond Hill Psychology Consultants have many user-friendly strategies to recommend to you. Please do your best to follow these, keeping notes on what works, to gain the maximum benefit. Please tell us if something is too challenging or not relevant so that we may correct our approach.

Remember, ‘Knowledge is Power’
Please consider reading the relevant books from our recommended reading list. We have searched long and hard for state-of-the-art resources and are confident you will save time, money (and perhaps emotional upset) by reading for both management and prevention of problems.

Rules of the Game

When you participate in sessions with our consultants, the rules that we encourage are:

  1. Be willing to support our vision, policy and systems
  2. Speak supportively and acknowledge whatever is being communicated as true for the speaker at that moment
  3. The answer is always ‘YES – CAN DO!’
  4. Complete your agreements (responsibilities)
    • make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep
    • communicate any potential broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity
    • clear up any broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity
  5. If a problem arises, first look to the system for corrections and then communicate your solution to the person who can do something about it – top speed on clearing misunderstandings! (say ‘sorry’ and let it go)
  6. Be effective and efficient (optimise every event… More with Less)
  7. Have the willingness to win and to allow others to win (win/win)
  8. Focus on what works
  9. When in doubt, check feelings, body language, voice, tone and words
  10. At meetings, always appoint a
    • facilitator
    • relevancy challenger
    • keep notes for ACTION PLAN
  11. Always demonstrate the process and the results
  12. Have fun and nourish our playful selves
  13. Trust is the key value
  14. Be willing to forgive