Achieving Orgasms – Case Studies

Case Studies

How Some Women Learned to Achieve Orgasm:
Karen, 38, a music teacher, had never experienced orgasm. She was in a relationship with a man who she loved deeply. He was very keen for her to experience orgasm and was frustrated with her because ‘he had tried everything’.

Karen was frustrated and anxious with herself. Therapy included hypnosis, regular pleasure times, and a vibrator.

Over three weeks, Karen discovered that she could have an orgasm if she stopped trying so hard to have one.

Jill, 29, a public servant, had been married for one year. Her husband was very worried because she never initiated sex.

Jill was extremely unhappy with her body shape and very ashamed to be sexual. She ‘heard’ her mother’s voice saying “good girls don’t enjoy sex”. Jill was asked to read three books about sex to re-educate herself about sexual facts and normalise her outlook on sex.

Therapy included body image acceptance, masturbation and sensate focus (a process to avoid anxiety which begins with enjoying sensual touch and leads to intercourse gradually). Jill let go of her mother’s negative beliefs and was proud of her new healthy attitude to sex. After three months, Jill was much more comfortable about her body image, was being pro-active in initiating sex and was experiencing orgasms! Both Jill and her husband were ecstatic!