Erection Problems Video 2

I want to talk to you about the program I recommend which can help you if you have psychological distress causing your erection failure.

The first option, and it may sound paradoxical, is to seek medical treatment. Now a lot of you might be saying, ‘but hang on Dr Jan, if it’s psychologically caused, why would I get medical treatment?’. Well that’s because (and it’s mostly the GP’s who say this) some men have found that if they do opt for injection, or the magic pill (Viagra only lasts for 4 hours by the way), it may be better to try perhaps Levitra, Cialis (which can last up to 36 hours – more bang for your buck). And what happens is the guy performs successfully because the medication has helped him have that confidence, and then hopefully that confidence lasts once he weans himself off the medication.

However, some men really don’t want to take medication, and remember even with the tablets you still need to have a warm, wet, willing woman who’s arousing you – just having a tablet is not just going to make everything ‘pop up’!

So first of all, read a good book, like ‘Sex-Life Solutions’, listen to one of my audio recordings, and get your facts right. Assess yourself and find out what it is that’s causing the problem. The most important thing is that you’ve got to learn to reprogram your head so ‘the other head’ will do what it’s meant to do. Most of all it means you have to start thinking positively.

Here’s what ‘Bob’ used to say to himself:

‘I feel like I’m under pressure. I feel like Im not going to last. I think that shes going to laugh at me and reject me. Oh, I just wont go there’

So don’t think negatively. Don’t think, ‘I hope I don’t lose it, I better not lose it’. Think more like, ‘I’m going to enjoy sex and not worry about my erection. I’m going to trust that if I DO lose it, I’m going to get it back again’.

Because that situation is very normal – men will often lose an erection just because they change positions. Just trust that erection will come back if you are: in the moment, present, savouring every sense, and enjoying being with your woman.

And you must also practise with your solo sex – and I’ll talk about that a little more in another video. But the stages here are to go from

Solo sex with confidence, to partner masturbating for you (giving you a handjob), and when you’re finally confident with those, then you attempt penetration.

So good luck, and I hope your erections are something you can rely on and feel satisfied with.