Erection Problems Video 4

I’d like to talk to you about the psychological causes that can make a man feel like he’s a failure in the bedroom, that is, he cant havean erection that lasts and that makes him and his partner happy.
Basically we talk about ‘performance anxiety’ – so something’s gone negative inside his head and he’s started to tell himself that he just cant get it up or keep it up.

And you can have 3 different types.

The first one is where he cant get it up when he’s got a partner there. We call it ‘penis shyness’ where the penis is too shy to perform. So that guy can happily masturbate by himself, but as soon as gets with a lover, that’s when he loses it.

Some other guys will be able to get it up, but just as their entering their partner’s vagina, that’s when they lose it.

And then there’s the poor guy who has a general loss of erections, where he just cant get it up in any way.

Psychologically, there’s a common expression – sometimes your penis knows better than you do. For instance, what if it’s that ‘not quite right’ situation? Some guys tend to have sex with a woman who really doesn’t do it for them and perhaps is not the kind of woman that he wants to even talk to much less have sex with. Suddenly he finds that his penis has gone out on strike even though his head says he wants to do it.