How to Stop Painful Sex – For Women


Hello, this is Dr Janet Hall and I wrote this book called “Sex Life Solutions“.

Now one of the major problems which constantly gets referred to me is “Women who have painful sex”.
In fact, some women have never had sex properly, that is they’ve never had intercourse because they just cannot relax their pelvic floor. Because I’m a hypnotherapist and I work with people who have anxiety and panic attacks; often I’ll say to these women, “You know what? It’s like that your pelvic floor is having a panic attack”. So whatever it is, we need to find out; some women used to have intercourse and now they can’t, and some have never been able to.

Download document: Dr Jan’s Plan to Overcome Sexual Pain and Anxiety for Women.pdf

Dr Jan talks about “When Sex Hurts- Painful Sex for Women” – On ABC Radio Life Matters.
What’s “a panic attack of the pelvic floor?” 
Here is the full article: 

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