Should You Have a One Night Stand?

So what does the expert say about one night stands?

As a sex-therapist, I would urge you to be absolutely adamant that somebody you just met should use a condom if you have sex. Have no expectations of a loving encounter during, or anything warm afterwards. Since you may not even share the same values or backgrounds you will probably be unsuited as long-term lovers.

If you are a woman, go for the orgasm as soon as you can and certainly ask for what you want. It’s unlikely that he is going to care about your needs. All he wants is a quick fix.

If you are a man, don’t give her your phone number. You know you have no intention of contacting her again, so don’t give her false hope!

For everybody, do practice safe sex and follow Mandy’s example… make sure they go home straight after the deed is done. Some folk who intended a one-night stand were stuck with a ‘squatter’ who refused to move out!

Having made all the cautions… play safe, be responsible and have fun… after all, every one you miss out on is one you’ll never have!

© Dr Janet Hall

For more help see Dr Jan’s book: Sex-life Solutions and her CDs in the Sensational Sex Series.

Dr Janet Hall is a psychologist in private practice who specializes in family and relationship therapy, particularly sex therapy. She is the author of eight books on family issues including “Sex-Wise Teens”.

Jan has created and produced many CDs on sexual issues ranging from sex therapy with adjunctive hypnosis, to sexual fantasies and strategies for ‘sparking up’ your sex-life. A regular in print, radio and television media, Jan presents user-friendly information which can be easily applied in psychological practice.

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