Vaginismus is when the vaginal muscles involuntarily contract and clamp down as a self-protective way of avoiding the anticipated pain. Vaginismus is caused by intense fear of sexual penetration. It has been described as “a panic attack of the vagina”.

What causes Vaginismus?

Primary Causes: Vaginismus can be primary – that is the woman has never been vaginally penetrated by anything at all. In this case it is probably caused by psychological problems.

Secondary Causes: The woman has experienced penetration but after a physical trauma such as suffering from vulvodynia or an acutely painful childbirth delivery requiring stitches and leaving scarring, she develops vaginismus. In this case it is caused by a physical problem and then develops into a psychological problem.

What’s the solution?

The diagnosis and treatment of Vaginismus requires expert medical (physiotherapy specialists are very helpful for the pelvic floor rehabilitation)and psychological advice. If you think this may be your problem, please ask your local women’s hospital for a specialist referral.


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